Jumat, 23 September 2016

Jack U - Don't Do Drugs Just Take Some Jack Ü Lyrics

"Don't Do Drugs Just Take Some Jack Ü"

[Skrillex:] And now we have a prescription, a new prescription for you. It is called Jack Ü

[Diplo:] [?] it'll get rid of the flu. No more flu shots, no more drugs, no more prescription 
drugs, just have a little... shoot up a little bit of Jack Ü in your butt right now and you'll feel right good

[Skrillex:] Yeah, anyway

[Diplo:] Don't use that part

[Skrillex:] You know that was great actually. I'm just gonna cut something together. I'm gonna like slow it down, it's gonna just be really cool. Unless you can email [?] before we get to the music

[Diplo:] Before they get started I wanna let 'em know there's two million gillion hundred watts of electrical vibes, electric voltage coming through these speakers right into your ears, holes

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